Getting Ready for Thanksgiving

Okay, so yesterday I had a meltdown. I yelled at the boys present, apologized later, got counseled by my daughter-in-law, got forgiven and prayed for. I can always blame my computer (because I hate to admit I'm technologically challenged); I just couldn't get something to work.

After a few tears and confessions, I realize what is happening. Part of mine and Burt's job is to protect the peace at our "tent." Everyone who comes on our property comments on the feeling of serenity that is present her, and we have to make sure that this feeling prevails because it is His divine Presence. I know that part of a verse of scripture tells us to "endeavor to keep the peace..." When I went to my concordance to look up the reference for it, I was surprised to see all the passages that refer to "peace." One in Psalms particularly impressed me: "Work hard at living in peace with other." (Psalm 34:14). Wow. Maybe it isn't all that easy!

In a few hours we will have a house full of sons, wives, grandchildren, and dogs. We will have a very mad cat. What I have to realize that the meltdown I gave way to yesterday was a challenge to let my guard down when it came to keeping the peace. I didn't do so well.

Today, I'm ready to think about the purpose of the Season that we are about to enter. I am determined that the Prince of Peace will be welcome in our home, and that others will recognize His presence... but there's still nothing wrong with a good cry!