God's List

I like making lists— errand lists, grocery lists, project lists, etc. My favorite list, however, is called "Burt's List." This is the Honey-do list, the one wives eventually discover. What makes this list enjoyable is the feeling that as long as it is written down somewhere for the husband to see, eventually it will be done. (The operative word here is "eventually.")

But this morning, I discovered an even better list than the Honey-do. I call it "God's List." When I sat down to read my Bible, I put a notepad on the table beside me, resolving to jot down any errant thoughts that came to me while I concentrated.

It occurred to me that this is the way I need to deal with the annoying musings that come when I least expect them, such as, "What will you do if something happens to your husband?"... "What if you boys never get married?"... "How do you know [a symptom] isn't something serious?" Impressions not from God's Spirit have always been a nuisance, especially when our boys were growing up, the worries that plague moms. Looking back now, I see that none of those things happened.

So I'm forming a new list habit. From this day forward, I will have God's List beside me. The things that cause anxiety that are not the Voice of the Holy Spirit will be put on His list, and He will handle them as only He can.